Featured Employee – Maozu Suen

Meet Maozu Suen, Quattro Constructor’s Surveyor at the VAFD Project Site! 

Prior to building anything above the ground, Maozu will be on the field surveying elevations and checking that the ground is prepped at the correct grade and ready for formwork. Moazu uses a GPS system as he locates the corners of the structures that we are building. This ensures that the carpenters know where to set up the formwork for each structure. After formwork is done, Suen will survey to make sure that all formwork is built correctly per drawing, and they are called “as-builts.” 

The #QuattroCrew would also like to thank Maozu for always having a positive attitude towards his colleagues and work. “Suen is a delight. He is by far the most loved guy on site,” says Rav Clair, Quattro Project Manager at VAFD.  

Outside of work, Maozu works on his Chinese calligraphy. He’s a self-proclaimed master! 

Thank you Maozu; the #QuattroCrew appreciates all your hard work!  

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