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In our toolbox talks, the #QuattroCrew go over safe work procedures (SWPs) that are intended to ensure all employees are trained, risk aware and prepared on all Quattro working sites. SWPs apply to all Quattro personnel and sub-contractors to ensure the safety of all workers, equipment, and operations.

This week at our VAFD project, we covered the Lock Out and Tag Out procedure which is used in a variety of scopes around the project, from equipment maintenance, pressure testing and electrical isolation.

Below is the list of procedures Quattro uses for LOTO!

Prepare for Shutdown

Notify affected employees that maintenance will be performed under LOTO. The authorized employee should review the hazards and LOTO procedures for the equipment that will be serviced.

Shutdown Equipment

The authorized employee will shut down the equipment following company and/or manufacturer’s requirements.

Isolate Equipment

Isolate the equipment from the hazardous energy sources using the equipment specific LOTO procedure.

Place Locks and Tags

Locks and/or tags should be placed on valves, breakers/electrical disconnects, blank flanges, and any other point called out on the equipment specific LOTO procedure.

Release/Block Stored Energy

Release stored energy from the stored energy hazards identified in the LOTO procedure, such as releasing springs, blocking elevated parts that could drop, stopping moving parts, draining fluids, venting gases, etc.

Verify Equipment Isolation

Confirm that workers are clear from the area, locking devices are securely in place, and that the equipment is isolated. Once this is done, attempt a normal startup to confirm that the equipment does not start.

  • All energy sources are turned off
  • The machine is locked out with lock and key
  • Tags are placed on the lock and include directions to not start the machine, the employee’s name and signature, and the date and time when the tag was placed.

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